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Park Team

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The geographical footprint of the small town within Banff National Park
will be the same forever. It’s boundaries have been defined to protect this place.

It is the people within this town, how they relate to the
Park and what they create here which has no limitation.

Yannis Karlos Park distillery co-founder

yannis karlos
Chief of operations,


A born and bred Banffite (rare like a unicorn!), Yannis is passionate about Banff and the Canadian Rockies. A ski bum at heart who found his way in the world cutting his chops in the restaurant industry, he is an active member of the community sitting on numerous tourism related boards. Yannis can be found exploring Banff National Park by ski or bike, searching for the source of the finest Rocky Mountain H2O.

‘Wherever I travel, wherever I live, wherever I yearn to go, all roads wind up leading back to Banff National Park’

Matt Hendriks Park Distillery Master distiller

matthew hendriks Master Distiller

Matt has been living in beautiful Banff National Park for the past 15 years. What keeps him here are the activities that are available in the mountains, and of course making all this delicious booze. Snowboarding in the winter and camping in the summer are his favorite things to do. Growing up in the prairies gave him a connection to the grain that he uses today.

’I still remember the days of climbing hay bales on my grandfather’s farm. Can't wait to start tapping in to all the casks of whisky that are resting!’