Site Training + Assets

Website Training video made by PBnJ & Katie & Yannis & Julie | June 2017


Link for ariel footage (youtube) of Abbot pass hut


Asset folder sent by PBnJ containing website assets (ie button dimensions ect)


Gear Page Product Thumbnail Formatting

  1. Open Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file titled:

    • Copy given to Katie, or download copy here: )

  2. Make new artboard at the correct format: 360px by 360px

  3. Add new product photo and place new photo onto your new artboard

  4. Size photo so the product large enough to be seen, but not too large that it crowds the edge of the artboard

  5. Export your new artboard as an image (.jpg) file at 150dpi

  6. Go to the product page you wish to add the newly formatted photo and open the edit panel

  7. choose the options tab within the edit panel and add the newly formatted image as the product thumbnail

  8. You're all done! You crushed it, great work.

Screenshot 2017-11-10 15.55.16.png